space Picture Fronter 4.1 is the first object-oriented framework for managing large dynamic websites with lots of authors.

UserLand Software, a fast-moving web tools company based in Palo Alto, CA, is leading in an important new market: scripting tools for automated websites.

Say goodbye to hard-to-modify structures, and writers having to deal with HTML. Designers can change the look of a site with no coordination with content providers.

Websites are becoming systems...

Check it out!

Frontier 4.1 is an integrated development environment for building and managing the most powerful high performance websites.

Frontier applications are used to manage text created by people with no experience scripting or managing websites, using standard HTML tools such as BBEdit, FrontPage, Fusion, HomePage, Notepad, PageMill and popular word processors.

Key features: persistent object database, page rendering, hierarchic glossaries for link management, powerful macro language, connections to the file system and operating system.

Frontier supports all common scripting interfaces. Scripts can control a diverse set of applications, including popular emailers, FTP clients, databases, web browsers and web servers.

Frontier is a tightly integrated object database, with a built-in scripting language, an outline-based script editor/menu editor, a comprehensive verb set, and a native multi-threaded runtime.

Frontier 4.1 is available today for Macintosh System 7, it will be available for Windows and Windows NT in 1997.

User Profile

Webmasters, script writers, system administrators who are responsible for large frequently-updated sites with many authors with varying technical and design skills.

For more information and software, please visit the Frontier website.